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Christchurch Dog Training Club has been working with dogs for the past 44 years.  Over this period of time our club has produced numerous Obedience Champions and Grand Champions.  We have the honour of having currently competing and holding more Obedience Champions and Grand Obedience Champions than any other club in Canterbury.

These results are due to Christchurch Dog Training Club wealth of experience and motivated instructors who can and will work to develop and achieve a handler's goals and a dog's potential. Christchurch Dog Training Club have and are working with just about every breed and conceivable mix breed.

Christchurch Dog Training Club do not have one set technique or method but numerous methods and instructors who will work with you to provide the right individual method for you and your dog.

Working obedience is team work, you and your dog, with a club behind you that will support you, ensure that you not only maximise your potential but most of all enjoy your dog!!

Some years ago, due to a changing environment, stricter dog laws were introduced with the responsibility falling onto pet owners.  Christchurch Dog Training Club identified a wider need, than just competitive obedience for all owners to have basic control of their pet.  Christchurch Dog Training Club then introduced a domestic style of training covering basic control techniques for your dog, including dealing with all the joys and frustration of a dog, dominance, mouthing, chewing, barking and so forth.  This style of course and training has been copied and adapted by every other club throughout the region.  Christchurch Dog Training Club then took this step further by introducing hands on puppy classes and socialisation, the very first step to a well mannered and happy pet.

But don't take our word for it, come for a cup of tea/coffee and view the dogs, handlers and instructors in action and see for yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you.